The Well exists to build a great city by creating a greenhouse of renewal that fuels a movement for the world. 



Fighting to restore the disconnected to Jesus’ family and activating everyone in their unique purpose.



Our values put our beliefs into practice. They are what the culture - the essence - of The Well is to be. We wish to develop disciples that represent these six significant concepts.

Expect Encounter
God's presence changes everything and we believe every moment with the Creator reorients us to align with His plans. Because we have a good Dad who gives good gifts, we are able to anticipate that our Father loves to astonish us with His own goodness.

Passion Is Contagious
If God is the most important person in existence, He deserves our unwavering devotion. This kind of passion draws others into worship, either from agreement or curiosity, and sets them ablaze with the holy fire of love.

There Is Always More
Because God is infinite, we can never find an end to His goodness. Just when we think we've found the border of His beauty, we are delighted to find another horizon to explore. Since His kingdom goes from glory to glory, we press through stagnation and plateaus to apprehend as much as we possibly can.

We Are Better Together
We have been created for community, and we find God's shalom in the company of others where we give and receive support, comfort, and encouragement. Lone wolves need to be put down to favor of doing life together.

People Are Priority
We exist for others, and The Well will put investing in the well-being of others first, particularly those who are outsiders to the kingdom of God. System, programs, and projects can be great, but adding direct value to the lives of people is our preference.

No Spectators
Those who are filled with God's Spirit are compelled to not sit and watch life happen, but be at the forefront of His movement by using their gifts and callings to impact those around them. Everyone has been given unique abilities and everyone gets the chance to put them to use.