What are SMALL Groups?

Small Groups are made up of around a dozen people who meet each week to have fun, learn, grow, and build new, healthy relationships.

Our spring groups will launch in February and last through mid-April. Signups are now open!

What happens in a SMALL Group?


Joy is a top priority at our church, and our groups play a big part in making that happen. Whether meeting in homes, coffee shops, or other relational spaces, people gather to play games, converse, eat food, and other fun activities.


We are shaped by those we spend time with, and a small group is a place where we can share in each other’s lives through prayer, encouragement, and learning together about God.


Small Groups are the church visible in the community. Through serving together, groups seek to fulfill the mission of Jesus by spreading his love in their neighborhoods and city.


Are you interested in helping to connect people in a fun and engaging environment? If you would like to lead a group, please email us.