One of our highest values at The Well is equipping and raising up the next generation. During the teenage years, teens are building their sense of self outside their parents and looking to peers and mentors for guidance. We are passionate about creating an authentic, safe and open space for youth to build these healthy peer and mentor relationships and ask questions from people they trust, all while having fun.

We also believe you don’t have to be an adult to change the world. Well Youth will be given opportunities to work together for the good of the community through various service projects throughout the semester. We want them to experience the power of discovering the positive impact they can have on the world, no matter their age. We believe young people who discover their purpose and calling at a young age will make choices they can be proud of as they step into adulthood, and our aim is to provide these opportunities for them to do just that.


What to expect

A typical youth meeting involves a combination of worship and prayer, playing sports or games together and eating and talking about the intersection of faith and real-life topics, such as friendships and dating relationships, discovering your purpose, body image, knowing and experiencing God, sharing faith with friends, how to read the Bible and other relevant topics.


When and Where

Well Youth meet on Sunday evenings from 5-7pm at The Well, with occasional exceptions for recreational and service activities that may fall out of these hours.


Want to learn more?

Email our Youth Director, Breanna Nebel, for more information or come check out our group Sunday evenings at 5pm at The Well.


Interested in becoming a youth member?

Awesome! Our mentors make a huge difference in the lives of our youth by modeling authentic, strong and healthy relationships with God and others. We take the role of youth mentor very seriously as these are the people who provide the wise, honest and authentic leadership to the next generation. If you are interested in becoming a youth member, please email Breanna Nebel here.