Communitas simply means "community with a cause" and is the pathway through which we help you grow in your faith and get connected to our church. This learning experience is designed to help you find your fit in God's mission alongside others who are on the same journey. Below are short descriptions of each one of our four classes. Communitas happens on the 2nd Sunday of every month right after our 11:15AM service.

101 | Partnership
Are you new to our church? This class give us the opportunity to know you and hear your story. And it will help you understand how you can use your gifts and skills so you're a part of the mission and movement of The Well. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our church and hear about where we're going as a community.

201 | Ownership
Ready to take the next step? Instead of the normal mode of membership, we seek to help you become an owner of our church's mission and ministry. You'll learn about The Well's history, more about how we're structured, as well as the expectations of ownership.

301 | Discovery
Want to know more about how has uniquely designed you? Through a mix of spiritual gifts and personality testing and set in a conversational environment, you'll become equipped to discern how God has made you as well as how you can become further involved in his mission.

401 | Launch
This class is designed to help you become aware God’s heart for those around you, feel comfortable sharing your story with others, and also help you take the next steps in your faith.

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