One of the most profound experiences that a believer will experience is baptism. But what exactly is baptism? And why is it so important? These are great questions and we have three main points to help you understand baptism.

Obedience - "If Jesus said so, I will do it"
Jesus specifically instructed that His followers be baptized after they had come into a saving relationship with Him. This is not merely a suggestion, but rather a command to be acted upon. In fact, beginning with the early church, the Christian church has practiced baptism throughout its history. At The Well, we believe that baptism is an act of personal and community obedience that sets us on the right path for growth as followers of Christ [Matthew 28:19-20]. Baptism indicates that we are serious about developing our relationship with Jesus, and following him fully.

Identification - "I am a follower of Jesus Christ and a member of his community"
We identify with Jesus Christ and His people when we are baptized. When you are physically baptized, you outwardly express the inward reality that you have now died to your old life, and are now resurrected to new life in Christ [Romans 6:3-4]. You identify with Jesus Christ and make a public statement that you are a true follower of his as you are baptized in his name.

Declaration - "I want others to know"
Not only do we privately acknowledge our belief in Christ, but we go public with our faith, and declare the fact that we have decided to become a follower of Christ. This public declaration is a very meaningful experience for us as it is a time of community celebration and can be a public witness to others who have not yet decided to follow Christ [Acts 2:41,47]. It is also a powerful time for witnessing changed lives and for telling our stories.

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